Project 365 is an attempt to take one picture a day for a full year. I've found it to be more challenging than I'd have thought - particularly on those days when inspiration is flagging. It's easy when in Disney World. Not so easy when at home desiring a better photo of the day than the floor, the ceiling, or a random chair leg.

Full disclosure: During my first Project 365, there were some days when I didn't take a photo. My (evolving) rules for make up shots:

  • They must be something that could have been photographed on the missed day.
  • It's preferable that the shot be a discreet event. That is - I might feel like taking some macro shots. Slipping in a photo of Goldfish in between macro shots of flowers might fulfill the obligation, it sort of goes against the spirit of attempting a project 365.

There's a high degree of variability in the quality of the shots from day to day. I won't confess to being a good photographer. Some days are good days and I'm relatively pleased with the results. Other days I'd probably have been better off clicking off a few frames of the ceiling. Or the floor. Or a random chair leg.

Via Photojojo, you can learn how to do your own Project 365.

And looking at Bryan's blog, "My Life in Photos," is always a humbling experience. By which I mean, he's good.